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Your Skin

Your skin is the largest, most visible part of your body. Taking care of it is important to every aspect of your life. Skin can be affected by internal aspects like stress or external contributors like the environment.

Your Health

Your health is directly affected by your skin and all aspects related to it. We'll explain how to contribute to your health, and identify what is best for you.

Our Practice

We believe in putting the patients’ comfort as our highest priority. Our qualified staff is dedicated to meeting your individual needs in a supportive environment.


High Plains Dermatology Center was founded in 1969 by Dr. William Laur and Dr. Randal E. Posey. Since that time, the center has grown to become the region's leader in dermatologic treatment and overall skin care. We pride ourselves on not only our attention to patient care but also creating a warm, caring environment for all who enter. Improving your quality of life is our specialty. Our safe and effective treatments can help you live a normal and healthy lifestyle.


From the moment you enter our center, we make sure that your visit is a pleasant one. Our friendly and pleasant staff takes pride in providing you with the best possible healthcare. We file all insurance paperwork for you and are providers for most networks. We even offer same day appointments when available. Thank you for your interest in High Plains Dermatology Center, and we look forward to serving your healthcare needs. Feel free to call our office today to schedule an appointment for yourself, your family or a friend.

Because there may be limits to individual healthcare providers, we have combined the best possible group of doctors that work together under one roof to better serve you. Our doctors and staff understand your needs and make sure that your experience here is a pleasant one. We welcome you and your family to come to our office and discover how we have helped thousands of people across the multi-state area. We are people you know, people you trust, who get the results you want. We always look forward to serving your family's healthcare needs.